HAIL PERFORMANCE: Health & High-Performance Training

  • Are you struggling to sustain high levels of clarity, energy, focus on a daily basis?
  • Do you feel an imbalance between the amount of effort you are making and the progress you are achieving on a regular basis?
  • Are you where you thought you'd be at this point in your life or is there another level of potential to achieve? 
  • Are you struggling to strengthen and sustain meaningful relationships within your personal and professional life?
  • Would you like some help enhancing these areas of your life?

HAIL Performance coaching provides the building blocks and structured training platform that will consistently advance your personal & professional performance!

100% Satisfaction Gauranteed! 

Receive your performance blueprint & development now! Get Your CLARITY Roadmap Here!


Discover whether your primary mindsets and thought patterns are breaking down or building up your mind's immune system.

There are six different mindsets. Three of the mindsets bring you closer to success and the other three mindsets take you further from achieving & sustaining success.

Learn how to identify your current cognative behavorial patterns, eliminate anxiety and other self-defeating behaviors, as well as how to develop the mindology for sustaining a strong & healthy mind!


Business-Leadership Performance Advancement


Build a stronger support structure produced by individuals utilizing their unique strengths while coming together as one to serve people driven by purpose, greater productivity and therefore increasing profits for longterm success!

Learn and align you and your team's daily performance with strategies that help you to build higher levels of health, authority, integrity, & longevity.

HAIL Performance is the next level of high performance in life & business-leadership!  


Everyday HERO in training!


Sustainable heart, brain, & body performance is much more than a meal plan and fitness program.

Free yourself from limitations by exploring all areas of health & high-performance. Breakthrough illness, injury, depression, and anxiety brought on by challenging experiences and hardship.

Build up your mental and physical immune system for longterm vitality  implementing simple techniques that optimize your daily performance. 


Life & Business-Leadership Performance Blueprints & Development

HAIL Performance builds performance blueprints and provides strategic development to support your performance advancement journey so that you elevate your daily focus and effectiveness in life and business-leadership! 

Over the last fifteen years, I have had the opportunity to perform over 4500 design & development sessions and guided many people to their next level of performance and onto achieving greater success.

Now, I am here to help you master the four major moves that lead to living your highest ambitions in life!  

Health: Achieve results that lead to quality living so that you sustain more energy, vitality, and a greater state of well-being. Break through what tries to break you as you enhance your capacity to manouver through challenges and changing circumstances and onto becoming the healthiest version of you. 

Excellence: Show up with excellence in everything you do! Receive a consistent delivery of pin-point education and systematic training to maximize performance. 

Relationships: "Together Everyone Achieves More." Clear communication is critical for building meaningful connections. In a personal or professional setting, learn how to effectively approach difficult discussions, increase accountability, and how to set healthy boundaries so that everyone contributes to successful outcomes and feels supported through the growth process.

Develop team building tactics that produce greater levels of energy, productivity and advance daily performance for greater profits.

Ownership: Develop a supreme state of clarity, courage, confidence, and control over actions and the outcomes they produce on a daily basis.

It is time to move beyond limitations & even painful situations. Together, we can structure your day to produce a more meaningful and motivating experience so that you can do more of what really matters to you in life and within your position of leadership. 

Check out the HAIL Performance coaching options above (services page at the top any performance advancement coaching button) to conclude which of our performance advancing services are best for you! Since your time is as valuable as your success ALL coaching packages include a free 30 minute clarity session and a 30 day money back guarantee with no contracts

Feel free to reach out with questions & requests: [email protected] or visit the HAIL PERFORMANCE FACEBOOK PAGE


Performance Advancement Influencer for Life & Business-leadership

Sarah Jeans is an exceptional health & high-performance strategist, educator & trainer. She specializes in optimizing lifestyle and business- leadership performance.

She has acquired a loyal following of thousands on social media and has empowered many people to achieve better health and a higher quality of life so that they can elevate their position of influence and contribution in the world. 

Sarah has an honorary college degree with over 15 years of high-level education and experience coaching over 4,500 sessions in relation to health & high-performance, movement science, and empowering productivity and resilience in a personal & professional setting.

Sarah is becoming one the most influential leaders in performance advancement, personal growth and achievement.

Her mission is to improve your life and the human condition and experience by guiding millions of people to their highest ambitions and greatest potential.

Sarah will undoubtedly become one of the most influential thought leaders of our time! 



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